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Sölden - A true Dorado for Cycling Aficionados

Scenic Ötztal offers a fine blend of nature exploration and sporty highlights for both passionate mountain bikers and road cycling fans. Every year bikers can look forward to new attractions. Sölden is renowned for its top-notch cycling events. Among the new activities: E-Hiking that comprises e-biking tours and classic hiking at their best!

The world of cycling sports is as colorful as cycling shirts dating back to the Eighties. All-mountain riders, downhill fans, classic mountain bikers, road cyclists and e-bikers are ready to conquer the valley's high Alpine regions. And there is only one perfect destination that has it all: welcome to the Ötztal Valley! No matter which type of biker you are, we have the right offer. It's not a coincidence that this valley hosts the renowned Ötztaler Cycle Marathon or the unique Paper Chase, always focusing on new accents in the field of sport events.

The largest Trail construction area have some new inventions.

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Bike und Radunterkunft

We are a quality approved Bike-Accommodation.

For our cycling fans we are offering a lockable room (access only with KeyCard), a service station with tools and a pump, as well as washing facilities for bicycles and sportswear.

Radfreundlicher Betrieb